Monday, March 5, 2012


Since I was a child, I've been in to too many challenges already.

And it's quite many to mention. But all the while, I was able to

surpassed every challenges that came my way. And that makes me who

am I today. A stronger person than before every single day. And I owe

it from my all time favorite bible verse,and it says,

In every moment that I will question God, why things happened, I'll find

myself delving into this verse, and Bingo! I have the answers to my


" For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord."

What a powerful line. The Lord have plans for us.. We just need to have

Faith in HIM and everything will never go wrong. God will not bring us

into such situation if he knows we cannot handle it.

" Plans to prosper you and not to harm you."

Such a protective line... And I'm a witness to this. I've never been as

flourishing as I am right now. And it's all because, God provides everything

He knows we'll be needing and we deserve to have. Might it be for your

physical, emotional or spiritual need. He knows how much you need and

when you need it. Even without asking, He will give. He protect us always.

In times of heavy loads,he's always there to carry us. He even works in

ways we didn't know.

" Plans to give you Hope and a Future."

Such a promising line... He gives HOPE! We just need to be patient because

only God knows when is the right time. When we will appreciate things fully.

We just need to understand His words for us to understand him fully and for

us to receive all the graces with all our hearts.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


When I had the chance to watch Bryan Adams' Concert here in Qatar and

I missed it,I was so disappointed. But that's also the time, I have like

him that much. Instead of blaming myself for not watching the concert,

we just bought his DVD concert in Budokan on 1999. And from then on,

I fall in love with this guy. I learned through the net about his personal

life and fall in love with him more

knowing that he didn't get married. For a popular guy singing greatest

love songs of all times and not getting married is kinda mysterious to me.

And mysterious guys always catch my attention. I have love his songs so

dearly I can listen to it everyday, even in the car, before sleeping,

while surfing the net, while cleaning my room. Anytime. Among my favorites

are "When you really love a woman",

"Summer of 69", "Cloud Number 9", "Heaven", 'When You're Gone" and my

most favorite "The Best of Me".

I've always been a generous lover. I can sing The Best of Me to the one I

would love and mean it.

Here is the lyrics.

Sometimes words are hard to find
I'm looking for that perfect line
To let you know you're always on my mind
Ya this is love and I've learned enough to know
I'm never lettin' go
No, no, no, won't let go

When you want it, when you need it
You'll always have the best of me
I can't help it, believe it
You'll always get the best of me

I may not always know what's right
But I know I want you here tonight
Gonna make this moment last for all your life
Oh ya this is love and it really means so much
I can tell from every touch
No, no, no, can't get enough

When you want it, when you need it
You'll always have the best of me
I can't help it, believe it
You'll always get the best of me

The best of me

Ya this is love and I've learned enough to know
I'm never lettin' go
No, no, no, won't let go

(You'll always have the best of me)
(You'll always get the best of me)
You've always got the best of me, baby
(You'll always have the best of me)
I can't help it
(You'll always get the best of me)
I can't help it

[Repeat: x3]
When you want it (when you want it), when you need it (when you need it
You'll always have the best of me (you'll always have the best of me)
I can't help it (I can't help it), believe it (believe it)
You'll always get the best of me (you'll always have the best of me)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Random Pics From My Dubai Trip

I've got some more pics to share from my Dubai Trip. I found these

interesting so I'll share some here so everybody can enjoy it.

An intricate design of " The Atlantis" ceiling. So cool!

This is one of the Chandelier in Wafi Mall's Exhibit area. They're really

in to detailed design!

A stained Glass roof in the Wafi Mall's exhibit are.Stunning specially on the


A wider view of the Souq Madinat with the Burj Al Arab from afar. I think this

would be stunning in the evening.

A shot of the small flags hanging in the banks of the pier where we wait for

our turn for a free "Abra" ride in Festival City

The Intercontinental Hotel glimmering at night. Taken during our

Abra ride in the Festival City.

The oldest and most Famous "Clock Roundabout" in Dubai. Actually, I think

this is the remaining roundabout there in Deira now. Im' not sure though.

The Grand Mosque at night in Abu Dhabi. Wow!

The big Popcorn Display in Dubai Mall. Looks delicious but wasn't able

to taste it. :(

A qoute from the largest candy corner I've ever seen. I do agree with it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My 2012 New Year Resolutions

January is almost finished but I think, a new set of resolutions aren't that late.

I still have 11 months to fulfill all these.

My 2011 resolutions did great to me! And I'm so happy I made most of them

possible. For this year, I wanna make it short but 100% sure.

First in my list now is to S A V E.

I was able to accomplish it last year and so happy with it. I just want to

make it big this time. I have a lot of project in mind and I'll be needing it.

Second is to be P R A Y.

I'm so happy to be able to come to church more often now. But still, I am not

consistent, so I'll try my best in fulfilling this. As well as reading the

bible. I will not know my God if I do not know His words.

Third would be to T R A V E L.

As always, I wanna see the world so I want to see one country this year.

And last but not the least, I want to W R I T E and R E A D.

I love to share my thoughts and to read others. And avoiding TV is the best

way to accomplish this.

And that's it. 4 resolutions to start with in 2012!

I just hope and pray that at the end of the year I could say, " Mission


Friday, January 27, 2012

We are S - I - S - T - E - R - S !

Fr left to right: Ishy,Debbie,Maan,Razz and me

Sister is a forever friend. And that's how the saying goes. No matter how

simple it is, still it's very true. And I am so lucky to have the set of

new sisters at heart. That's how I called them because we are not related

by blood, but surely we do connect by heart. It's because, our friendship

is made from heaven with Christ as the center of it. They're my sisters

in SFC. Our small group that we called household is so unique. We range from

a 23 years old Ishy, so young and vibrant to a 30 years old me and I won't

say anything about myself. We are a group with a variety of personalities

but still able to go along well with each other. We have diffrent favorite

colors but we share the same interests. We remember each others special

dates. We make simple days a memorable one. We love to go out and spend

our time together sharing stories about our work, our families, our

problems, our heart aches, our secrets.. everything..we even cry together.

We listen to each other.We give advices and most importantly,

we pray together.We praise HIM and glorify HIM with all our heart.

Almost a year of being together made us realized the important of each other.

And being with a new household is so difficult to entertain even in our

dreams. But as the saying goes, having a sister is like having a best friend

you can't get rid of. We might be with other household now, but I know,

with the friendship that we have, we will gain new friends but we'll never

lose each other.

To my dear sisters at heart, Ishy, Maan, Sweet and Debbie.. I Love you Guys!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Taste of DUBAI...

This view of the Dubai Skyline is simply AMAZING!

The road along, glimming in street lights is the Sheik Sayed Road. But you

can't see the Burj Khalifa there because I AM IN Burj Khalifa when I took

this shot! I am actually in the 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa where the

viewing deck is located.

This is so far, the best experience I had in Dubai. To be and to experience

the tallest building in the whole wide world!

This one is the upper view. Probably the remaining floors of the

building from the 124th floor. Burj Khalifa has 162 floors. And to be up

there, it took us a 1 minute ride in there super fast elevator!

But it's not only the Burj Khalifa that would amaze you in Dubai.

They have a lot to offer.

Alongside with the Burj is the Dubai Mall where you can

experience an amazing Dancing Fountain Show. And not only that. They also

have the biggest aquarium inside a mall!

The Burj Viewing deck access cost us $ 27 because we made a

reservation on line.

But if you will purchase a ticket on the front desk, it would cost you $ 109 plus

the hazzle of long queue.

The aquarium has entrance too! It cost $ 13. But for me, the outside view of it

is more satisfying that the one inside. So better not to go in there anymore.

The Fountain on the otherhand is all yours for free. You just need to know the

timings so you will not have the hazzle of waiting there too long.

Dubai is home of 2 big malls. One is the Dubai Mall and the other is the

" Mall of the Emirates". So if you're into shopping, Dubai would be a haven

for you!

But uniqueness is somewhat Dubai always have in mind. Would you imagine

a snow park inside a mall?? Yes! they have it!

MOE is the house for the Ski Dubai.

It's a large artificial Snow Park where you can experience snow skiing and

other winter activities! By the way, the entrance in Ski Dubai is $ 54.

Yeah! I know it's kinda expensive. But for my first travel, I considered

trying it!

Dubai not only has the tallest building, it also has the most expensive and

the only 7 star hotel on the world! It's the Burj Al Arab located in

Jumeirah, Dubai.

It's so obvious how expensive the hotel is. I'm already satisfied by just the

glimpse of it from afar. By the way, the bear in the pic is my baby, "Mhaya"

and expect to see him in every travel I would have.

There are so much more Dubai has to offer! Those are just the remarkable

ones.Dubai is actually divided into 2 areas. One side shows the Modern Dubai

and the other one shows the Old Dubai. So you'll get to have a taste of

history and civilization in just one Emirate of the UAE.

For the budget, I had $ 850 all in all including plane tickets, land transports,

visa, food and hotel. I'll try my best to lower it down on my next travels.

Transportation is great in Dubai. If you want a tourist friendly one, they have

a what they called " Big Bus Tour". This bus line will tour you around Dubai

for $ 41 in a day. You just need to know the timings in every destination you

would have so you will not be left behind waiting. But if you want a more time-

friendly one, you may just consider riding their super clean Train. I love

their train there! Or you may just take the cab. It's everywhere in Dubai. Just

be careful of those not so friendly and very clever drivers.

Dubai is my first. And probably won't be the last. Expecting more of the world

in the next days to come. I'm just praying that opportunities would be kind to


Thursday, October 27, 2011

1st Travel Blog on the Roll!

Earlier this year, I had my New Year's Resolutions.

And One of them is to TRAVEL!!

I always dream to see the World, and now, I am making it come true.

First Destination- DUBAI, UAE!

I had it for my first choice coz it's the nearest Tourist Destination from

Doha,Qatar, where I am working.

All are set now. We've got a plane ticket for only QAR 610 from Flydubai.

We also had a hotel booking also. I'll be travelling with my cousin,

Ate Jen on Nov. 4 to 8!

The only thing I am waiting for is my visa. Yes. I need to apply for a visa

to go there since my visa here in Qatar is not for professionals. Lessons learned.

I need to ask for a change in the profession in my residence permit here.

I am working as a senior accountant and yet I have a secretary visa.

Never knows when I can be in any GCC country someday. Better not to have the

hassle of applying for a visa again.

Oh! I need to write down now my Itinerary!

Travel pics after!!

Happy travelling!