Saturday, October 27, 2007

Love ko To!

"Kahit gaano mang kasama ang Pilipinas ang sarap paring balikan!" I always hear those line from Candy pangilinan's ad for TFC.And I do believe on what she said. Prices are high, there are always heavy traffic, crime rate is high too. Bombing is everywhere, pollutions of all kinds, lack of job opportunites. low income, corrupt officials etc. etc. Those are truths about Philippines. But... despite all these, Filipinos from abroad keeps on going back to their homeland because there are still more to look back for.. It's so nice to go back to those routine you've once done like riding on a jeepney and tricycle; pushing yourself just to have a space inside MRT and LRT; going to Divisoria to buy cheaper new clothes and some "abubot" (accessories); spending your 13th month pay and OT pay in SM, Robinsons, MOA during Christmas sales; watching free concerts in Eastwood after eating in your favorite resto with your friends; having your Bisita Iglesia during Holy week in different churches nearby; going to the cemetery during November 1 visit your loveones who passed away and meet again your other relatives; go to market early in the morning to buy fresh vegetables and meats then afterwards get some kakanin (rice cakes) for pasalubong (gift); spending your summer to some beaches together with your family and friends; stay at home and cook Champorado during stormy weather; attend Simbang gabi and have some bibingka, puto bumbong (rice cakes) and salabat (ginger tea) while roaming around the park; have your Christmas tree diplayed 2 months before christmas; have some "Kris kringle" (exchange gifts) at the office and at home; videoke all day long during birthdays and fiestas; walk, have some good talk,watch movie and dine with your special someone. Hayyy... there are so much more to look back...things that money can't buy. The happiness that simple things could bring. That strong feeling of family ties. The feeling of being home... that's why as the other Filipinos abroad always look for, i would love to go back home to Philippines.. Ther's no place like home. It's where my heart is..Pilipinas... Love ko to!