Friday, February 11, 2011

An Inspiring Night with Nick..

"Set out your dreams and goals, take one step at a time, it's ok even those are

little steps, just don't give up!"

It's so inspiring to hear those lines from a man without arms and legs. Yeah! I

heard it from Nick Vojicic last Thursday on his talk "Live without limits."

I have never been so inspired by anyone but Nick. Coming from him, I think nothing

is impossible with God in your side. Have faith in HIM and in yourself, and you'll

definitely reach your goals and dreams in life. I learned a lot from that 1 hr talk.

I learned to always be Thankful for what you have. Know your value, your purpose and

your destiny.

We will never know what we can achieve until we try. We will never know what's in the

corner unless we go around the corner. We should always have F A I T H!






And take out F E A R in our heart that stop us on trying.





If we fail, we try again. Let us consider things Opportunities rather than obstacles.

If we feel we cannot make one thing because we do not have the capability, then

let it be our opportunity to learn how to have that ability.

Life is short.. so live it without Limits!

Monday, February 7, 2011

So Addicted to Eiji Kawashima!

Symptoms of Addiction to a Football Player

1.) You love football now even if you have just watched only one of his games in

your whole life!

2.) You make his photos your Profile pic in your Facebook and Blogspot acount!

3.) You have downloaded lots of Photos of him and save it in your hard drive!

4.) You almost read everything about him in Google!

5.) He's still your blog's topic even weeks after the matched you've watched.

6.) You get jealous when some fans know more about him than you! lol!

7.) He is your office and personal computers' wall paper and screen saver!

8.) He's your bear's daddy now! lmao!

Goshhhh......... all symptoms are present on me! I'm so addicted

to Eiji Kawashima!

Won't you be?

My Friendster's most Treasured Comments

Before I learned about Facebook and Multiply and Blogspot...

I have Friendster.

I have it since the time it had been a craze in the Philippines.

In Frienster, we used to comment about how we see the owner as a person,

or what we feel about them. Or sometimes, we use comments to greet them on

some special days of there life.

I had so many comments from my Friendster site also.

They're usually from my Friends, Officemates, Classmates, Relatives,

Boyfriend (now Ex)and Best Friends...

All of them so good to read..Mostly praises..appreciations..and emotions..

But there are 2 of them I so love to keep on reading..and re-reading..

It's not just because I love what was written there, but also, those comments

were from a person I really treasured in my life. And still.

He's JM and these are his comments.

I decided to blog about it and copy his comments here to preserve it.

JM died years ago but everytime he'll visit me in my idle times (in my mind)

I leave comments on his page in Friendster. And just like those times,

tonight I visited his profile again to post some comments and say sorry

because I forgot to make a birthday greeting on his page last January.

Shocked to know that his profile has been deactivated now!

I don't know why.. Maybe because noone is opening it anymore.

I was saddened really.. I will never get the chance to post comment on

his page anymore. I will never see my comments to him again.

And before I'll loose the chance to read again his comments to me, I will

preserve them now..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blue Samurai Santa...

Another soft side of Eiji! So proud to know that he shares his blessings!

Such a cute Santa!

My heart sinks...

Makes me more in love with him!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

At Last... A Smoke Free Office!

Got an email announcement earlier from Leah. And it has this as an attachment.

Wow! At last, I would not smell the smoke coming from their so called

"Vitamin Room".

I will not taste the smoke from my water glass.

I will not inhale anymore the smoke that goes with the air everytime they'll

have there smoking sessions near our room.

At last, we'll have a Smoke Free Office!

Thanks be to GOD! He knows we need to stop it now.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Resolutions to start with...

Since this is my first blog on this year, I'll just have it for my

New Year's Resolutions!

Honestly, I dont' know if having resolutions really help, but my last year's were

a wasted one. Anyways, got to try it again this time. I'll just hope I would be

disciplined enough to follow each one of it.

As always, there is SAVE!

I have so much in mind that requires money. And without saving,

I know everything would not materialize!

Next would be BLOG!

Honestly, I already have a lot of sites to maintain. I just want to

concentrate to 2 Sites I have and try my best to update them regularly.

The third would be DIET!

I can't say anything about this.

Just, " So Help Me God."

And next would be EXERCISE!

We got some equipments at home to help this materialized. Just hope laziness won't

come evrytime I'll get the chance to use them! Lol!

Fifth would be TRAVEL!

Got to have this happen this year! I'm not getting any younger.

How can I see the the world if i would not start now! :D

And last but the most important of all,


I rarely go to church. I rarely have time talking to God.

I know it's not right and I want to change it.