Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our own way to help...

What happened to Japan recently is just so devastating. But amidst all these,

a good thing sprout. In every one of us, the sense of responsibility

to help and get involve in their rehabilitation has arised.

And in our own little way, we tried our best to be of help.

Japan NT players already made their way to help through the Charity auction.

Eiji's pair of Gloves is the first from the Japanese European players.

Current bid for the said gloves rise to 307,000 yen in just 4 days!

It's so amazing how people would want to pay for such big amount for something

which cost 8000 yen initially. This is also a two way help. One side for the player,

and the other side for the bidder.

With the initial step from Eiji, some more players donated their precious items.

Here is Makoto Hasebe's football shoes and some more others from Maya Yoshida and

Ryo Miyaichi.

As for my own way, I did the best thing an ordinary people could do. I pray for

JAPAN! And I play Freerice.com. It's a WHO site where you can play and at the same

time donate rice to the organization in support for their project.

Japan is a strong country. They will sure make there way to stand up again.

They just need our helping hands. Let it be available for them.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my No.1 GK!

It's March 20, 2011 and it's Eiji's birthday today. If only I have a way, I would definitely celebrate it with him! (dreaming again! I always dream of being with Eiji and having him as friend!) But I'm down here and he's up there. I'm in Qatar and he's in Belgium. I'm Filipino and he's Japanese. He's a star and i'm a fan.There are so many contrast,and big gaps between us.Nevertheless, I still love him so much and I'll keep on hoping for that special day to come when he will be just within my reach. For now, I'll just keep on dreaming...