Saturday, June 25, 2011


I've got a wonderful first half of 2011! And I mean it in all sense.

Early this year, I got a challenging work load that really requires me to work

harder. And that's a challenge for me. Until now, I'm still struggling, but might

as well say, enjoying it.

More to transfers was, we've transfered house!Got a new flat with almost the same

size but at least, a different environment.

New things, interest, blessings, friends and community came also!

Got interest with Football now! As in really get into it. I even watch Bundesliga,

Champions League and Barclays League now! Wow! I know that's great. hehe

Got a new blog to follow. It's all about Japanese Football Players Around the Globe

and I must admit, I'm addicted to it.

Along with it, I got a new crush! And of course you know him already! Yeah he's Eiji

and I know you'll tell me it's not knew. But we're talking of the 2011 here. Right?

Got my dream D5000 also! Yehey! Can't wait to learn how to use it fully and can't

wait for my first international travel with it! ( Must be saving now!)

And wow! Thank God! i've got a yearly ticket from my company now! Been dying to have

it since then! I can now travel with less expenses yearly! Along with it is of course

a salary adjustment!

Got the Bonus also. Ooops... this one is a secret coz not all employees got it.

I got the chance to take my driving class also, and in a few days will gonna have my

Driving license! (fingers crossed)

Hope to get my own car on the second half. (probably July or August)

Got one of my New Years Resolution materialized and that's Saving! Been able to save

part of my salary every month now and have been consistent since January!Hurray!

And the most treasured blessings I've got on the first half of my 2011 is a gift of

Community. A gift of new friends, new sisters and brothers in Chirst.

Got the chance to attend the Christian Life Program of the SFC (Singles for Christ)

and be a member of it. Praise God!

More to it is enlightenment. Got enlightened about the world we're living and the

stand we need to make in able to follow Him.

What a wonderful half year, I know. And i'm praying, i'll get a second half equally

wonderful as well!