Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Resolutions to start with...

Since this is my first blog on this year, I'll just have it for my

New Year's Resolutions!

Honestly, I dont' know if having resolutions really help, but my last year's were

a wasted one. Anyways, got to try it again this time. I'll just hope I would be

disciplined enough to follow each one of it.

As always, there is SAVE!

I have so much in mind that requires money. And without saving,

I know everything would not materialize!

Next would be BLOG!

Honestly, I already have a lot of sites to maintain. I just want to

concentrate to 2 Sites I have and try my best to update them regularly.

The third would be DIET!

I can't say anything about this.

Just, " So Help Me God."

And next would be EXERCISE!

We got some equipments at home to help this materialized. Just hope laziness won't

come evrytime I'll get the chance to use them! Lol!

Fifth would be TRAVEL!

Got to have this happen this year! I'm not getting any younger.

How can I see the the world if i would not start now! :D

And last but the most important of all,


I rarely go to church. I rarely have time talking to God.

I know it's not right and I want to change it.


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