Friday, February 11, 2011

An Inspiring Night with Nick..

"Set out your dreams and goals, take one step at a time, it's ok even those are

little steps, just don't give up!"

It's so inspiring to hear those lines from a man without arms and legs. Yeah! I

heard it from Nick Vojicic last Thursday on his talk "Live without limits."

I have never been so inspired by anyone but Nick. Coming from him, I think nothing

is impossible with God in your side. Have faith in HIM and in yourself, and you'll

definitely reach your goals and dreams in life. I learned a lot from that 1 hr talk.

I learned to always be Thankful for what you have. Know your value, your purpose and

your destiny.

We will never know what we can achieve until we try. We will never know what's in the

corner unless we go around the corner. We should always have F A I T H!






And take out F E A R in our heart that stop us on trying.





If we fail, we try again. Let us consider things Opportunities rather than obstacles.

If we feel we cannot make one thing because we do not have the capability, then

let it be our opportunity to learn how to have that ability.

Life is short.. so live it without Limits!

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