Monday, February 7, 2011

So Addicted to Eiji Kawashima!

Symptoms of Addiction to a Football Player

1.) You love football now even if you have just watched only one of his games in

your whole life!

2.) You make his photos your Profile pic in your Facebook and Blogspot acount!

3.) You have downloaded lots of Photos of him and save it in your hard drive!

4.) You almost read everything about him in Google!

5.) He's still your blog's topic even weeks after the matched you've watched.

6.) You get jealous when some fans know more about him than you! lol!

7.) He is your office and personal computers' wall paper and screen saver!

8.) He's your bear's daddy now! lmao!

Goshhhh......... all symptoms are present on me! I'm so addicted

to Eiji Kawashima!

Won't you be?

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