Thursday, October 27, 2011

1st Travel Blog on the Roll!

Earlier this year, I had my New Year's Resolutions.

And One of them is to TRAVEL!!

I always dream to see the World, and now, I am making it come true.

First Destination- DUBAI, UAE!

I had it for my first choice coz it's the nearest Tourist Destination from

Doha,Qatar, where I am working.

All are set now. We've got a plane ticket for only QAR 610 from Flydubai.

We also had a hotel booking also. I'll be travelling with my cousin,

Ate Jen on Nov. 4 to 8!

The only thing I am waiting for is my visa. Yes. I need to apply for a visa

to go there since my visa here in Qatar is not for professionals. Lessons learned.

I need to ask for a change in the profession in my residence permit here.

I am working as a senior accountant and yet I have a secretary visa.

Never knows when I can be in any GCC country someday. Better not to have the

hassle of applying for a visa again.

Oh! I need to write down now my Itinerary!

Travel pics after!!

Happy travelling!

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