Friday, January 6, 2012

A Taste of DUBAI...

This view of the Dubai Skyline is simply AMAZING!

The road along, glimming in street lights is the Sheik Sayed Road. But you

can't see the Burj Khalifa there because I AM IN Burj Khalifa when I took

this shot! I am actually in the 124th Floor of Burj Khalifa where the

viewing deck is located.

This is so far, the best experience I had in Dubai. To be and to experience

the tallest building in the whole wide world!

This one is the upper view. Probably the remaining floors of the

building from the 124th floor. Burj Khalifa has 162 floors. And to be up

there, it took us a 1 minute ride in there super fast elevator!

But it's not only the Burj Khalifa that would amaze you in Dubai.

They have a lot to offer.

Alongside with the Burj is the Dubai Mall where you can

experience an amazing Dancing Fountain Show. And not only that. They also

have the biggest aquarium inside a mall!

The Burj Viewing deck access cost us $ 27 because we made a

reservation on line.

But if you will purchase a ticket on the front desk, it would cost you $ 109 plus

the hazzle of long queue.

The aquarium has entrance too! It cost $ 13. But for me, the outside view of it

is more satisfying that the one inside. So better not to go in there anymore.

The Fountain on the otherhand is all yours for free. You just need to know the

timings so you will not have the hazzle of waiting there too long.

Dubai is home of 2 big malls. One is the Dubai Mall and the other is the

" Mall of the Emirates". So if you're into shopping, Dubai would be a haven

for you!

But uniqueness is somewhat Dubai always have in mind. Would you imagine

a snow park inside a mall?? Yes! they have it!

MOE is the house for the Ski Dubai.

It's a large artificial Snow Park where you can experience snow skiing and

other winter activities! By the way, the entrance in Ski Dubai is $ 54.

Yeah! I know it's kinda expensive. But for my first travel, I considered

trying it!

Dubai not only has the tallest building, it also has the most expensive and

the only 7 star hotel on the world! It's the Burj Al Arab located in

Jumeirah, Dubai.

It's so obvious how expensive the hotel is. I'm already satisfied by just the

glimpse of it from afar. By the way, the bear in the pic is my baby, "Mhaya"

and expect to see him in every travel I would have.

There are so much more Dubai has to offer! Those are just the remarkable

ones.Dubai is actually divided into 2 areas. One side shows the Modern Dubai

and the other one shows the Old Dubai. So you'll get to have a taste of

history and civilization in just one Emirate of the UAE.

For the budget, I had $ 850 all in all including plane tickets, land transports,

visa, food and hotel. I'll try my best to lower it down on my next travels.

Transportation is great in Dubai. If you want a tourist friendly one, they have

a what they called " Big Bus Tour". This bus line will tour you around Dubai

for $ 41 in a day. You just need to know the timings in every destination you

would have so you will not be left behind waiting. But if you want a more time-

friendly one, you may just consider riding their super clean Train. I love

their train there! Or you may just take the cab. It's everywhere in Dubai. Just

be careful of those not so friendly and very clever drivers.

Dubai is my first. And probably won't be the last. Expecting more of the world

in the next days to come. I'm just praying that opportunities would be kind to


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