Friday, January 27, 2012

We are S - I - S - T - E - R - S !

Fr left to right: Ishy,Debbie,Maan,Razz and me

Sister is a forever friend. And that's how the saying goes. No matter how

simple it is, still it's very true. And I am so lucky to have the set of

new sisters at heart. That's how I called them because we are not related

by blood, but surely we do connect by heart. It's because, our friendship

is made from heaven with Christ as the center of it. They're my sisters

in SFC. Our small group that we called household is so unique. We range from

a 23 years old Ishy, so young and vibrant to a 30 years old me and I won't

say anything about myself. We are a group with a variety of personalities

but still able to go along well with each other. We have diffrent favorite

colors but we share the same interests. We remember each others special

dates. We make simple days a memorable one. We love to go out and spend

our time together sharing stories about our work, our families, our

problems, our heart aches, our secrets.. everything..we even cry together.

We listen to each other.We give advices and most importantly,

we pray together.We praise HIM and glorify HIM with all our heart.

Almost a year of being together made us realized the important of each other.

And being with a new household is so difficult to entertain even in our

dreams. But as the saying goes, having a sister is like having a best friend

you can't get rid of. We might be with other household now, but I know,

with the friendship that we have, we will gain new friends but we'll never

lose each other.

To my dear sisters at heart, Ishy, Maan, Sweet and Debbie.. I Love you Guys!

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  1. pwede magcry? ;( touching naman..

    ...ipublish na yan sa fb! :)